A sweet and timely prayer


The more our nation struggles, as it seems to labor so sorely under God’s hand of judgment as it does today – the more we need to be praying for our leaders, our churches, our brothers and sisters in Christ and ourselves in such transparent and understanding ways.

From the personal devotions of Lancelot Andrewes.

O Heavenly King,
confirm our faithful kings,
stablish the faith,
soften the nations,
pacify the world,
guard well this holy retreat,
and receive us in orthodox faith and repentance,
as a kind and loving Lord.
The power of the Father guide me,
the wisdom of the Son enlighten me,
the working of the Spirit quicken me.
Guard Thou my soul,
stablish my body,
elevate my senses,
direct my converse,
form my habits,
bless my actions,
fulfil my prayers,
inspire holy thoughts,
pardon the past,
correct the present,
prevent the future.

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