The Voting is Over – So what?

So the voting is over, and most of the results are in.

And what will be the outcome?

If we are looking for salvation by politics, it is a humanistic pipe-dream. For any government, any governmental system, from monarchial tyranny to the most democratic, can only be as good as the moral constitution of the PEOPLE in it, not its documents.

Israel originally had no king, and fell apart because the individuals would not serve God as their individual responsibility. God gave them a king as they wished. And Israel declined, because the kings were as corrupt as the people they ruled over. Time and change brought a constitutional republic to our shores. But once again, such a republic is only as good as those who govern within it, and as they represent the hearts and minds of those who voted them into office. And if their hearts and minds are not influenced above all by the Word of God, energized by the Spirit of God, then as good as that republic looks on paper, it too will fall; whether sooner through decay, or as EVERY human government must and will eventually – to the scepter of Christ.

I pray the results of last night’s votes will have placed more truly godly men and women into power, than mere political ideologs.

Time will tell.

But the Church’s mandate remains the same no matter what party holds power – to proclaim the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to salvage souls from sin, not cultures from change.

I hope you voted.

But if you did not pray for your government at least for the amount of time it took you to drive to the poll, cast your vote and arrive back home – what great hope can you put in it? For kings and governments serve only at the pleasure of our God.

And who yet knows if yesterday’s outcome will prove to be a reprieve and blessing, or another just curse? For those do not depend upon party – but upon service to Christ.

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