Who are you looking for? An Easter Song



Who are you looking for Mary?

Here by this wide open tomb?

Had you imagined that somehow

Death swallowed Jesus in doom?


More than the binder of demons

More than the healer you sought

Died – now in power has risen

By His own blood you’ve been bought


Who are you looking for Peter?

Who had you walked with so long?

Isn’t He more than you dreamt of?

How was it you were so wrong?


More than your Teacher or Prophet

More than your Master and friend

Risen in glory and honor

His blood brought your guilt to an end


Who were you talking to Cl’opas?

Who made the Scriptures blaze life?

Who showed Himself in the Bread there?

Who disappeared in the night?


More than a traveling stranger

More than a teacher or sage

None but the Prince of all glory

King of all life age to age


Who are you seeking dear sinner?

Who draws you now by His Word?

Who sends His Spirit to woo you?

Who can bestow the new birth?


None but the crucified Jesus!

None but the risen Amen!

None but God’s perfect Atonement!

None else the Savior of men!


Come to the Fountain for cleansing!

Come and be plunged in the flood.

No stain of sin can remain there

Come and be washed in His blood.


Enter the life of the Savior

Redeemer, Healer and friend

All of the curse in Him ended

Even the grave finds its end


Chorus: Give Him all glory and honor

Praise and adore Him always

Jesus the Christ our Redeemer

Prince of the Ancient of Days


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