A Wounded Saints Appeal



Can be sung to the tune of O God our Help in Ages Past


Hear Thou, My Lord, my anguished plea

My soul undone for sin

Lift up mine eyes to see the Cross

Where Christ my soul did win


Amid the crush of daily life

I fall beneath the weight

Within, without Temptation’s lure

Draws out each sinful trait


I find no hope, but Christ alone

For only He can save

Fast tend my wounded heart once more

Thy holiness I crave


Renew my flagging, foolish mind

On this, Thy Truth alone

Lest in the World’s foul darkness lost

Sin claims me as its own


Refresh, restore my faith and hope

In Christ my Sov’reign Lord

In Him, in Him, and Him alone

Rests all you can afford


Unending mercy, plumbless grace

The depths of Thine own love

Abide within the breast of Him

Sent from your throne above


Take hold my hand, my grip too weak

Myself I cannot save

Now lift me from the miry clay

As Christ rose from the grave


Fill me afresh, Thy Spirit’s breath

Hand working Christ within

Till all at last subdued in Him

Brings death to all my sin


Lord haste that day when in the sky

Christ Jesus reappears

To call us home, to dwell with Him

In floods of joyful tears


When in that hour our every hope

At last is all fulfilled

In Glory’s throne room, Christ’s adored

Sin’s tumults finally stilled


The Devil and his wicked host

Cast in the lake of fire

Nought else but Christ’s own glory song

Will echo ever higher


Forever there in unveiled sight

At last we’ll see The Son

In Whom the Godhead’s fullness dwells

Salvation’s end full won

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