Our Gloriously Wasteful God

From: A Book of Strife, In the Form of the Diary of an Old Soul – poems of George MacDonald.


Gloriously wasteful, O my Lord, art thou!

Sunset faints after sunset into the night,

Splendorously dying from thy window-sill—

For ever. Sad our poverty doth bow

Before the riches of thy making might:

Sweep from thy space thy systems at thy will—

In thee the sun sets every sunset still.


MacDonald, George (2014-05-20). The Complete Works of George MacDonald: The Princess and the Goblin, The Princess And Curdie, Lilith, Phantastes, Parables, Far Above Rubies and More (73 Books With Active Table of Contents) (Kindle Locations 916-925). . Kindle Edition.

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