Through the Word in 2020 / Feb. 23 – Spiritual Cosmetics

We are reading the Bible through together this year, using the Discipleship Journal Reading Plan published by the Navigators. You can download it free of charge from:

Today’s 4 readings are: Matthew 20:17-34; Acts 27:27-44; Psalm 45, Leviticus 21-23.

Each of us have individual tastes concerning what is attractive to us. It is true in general – we find certain car styles, house structures, art forms, fabrics, aromas, tastes, vocations and even recreations each to have their own attraction. Some more than others. And this is nowhere more true than in choosing a mate. Certain qualities, physically, spiritually and personality draw us to one versus another.

Psalm 45 begins by extolling the beauties and laudable attractiveness of Christ as King. Hebrews 1 opens that truth to us. Jesus is glorious and desirable in a host of ways. It is a “pleasing theme” to the Psalmist to contemplate His loveliness. Gracious lips; mighty in battle; majestic in comportment; and above all ruling with a scepter of righteousness. It is a wondrous picture indeed. And we ought often to stop and ponder the beauties of our Christ and King lest we allow them to grow ho-hum to us. This truly is a place where familiarity can breed contempt if we aren’t careful.

But the text goes on to say what King finds most beautiful in His Queen. It is a reminder of how to “pretty ourselves up” for our dearest husband. Psalm 45:10–11 (ESV): “Hear, O daughter, and consider, and incline your ear: forget your people and your father’s house, and the king will desire your beauty. Since he is your lord, bow to him.”

What does He find attractive? What can animate His pleasure in us? It is wrapped up in these words: “forget your people and your father’s House.”

What an expression! The heart of Christ is especially moved with desire toward His betrothed, when we forsake all others and cling only to Him. When His words are the dearest to us. When His majesty overwhelms us. That is when He finds us most lovely. We are never more beautiful to Him then when we are wholly and unreservedly – His.

Maybe now would be a good time to go put on our “make up.” To adorn ourselves as most pleases our Redeemer. By renewing our singular love and dedication toward the One who gave His life for our eternal salvation.

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