Emmaus – A Resurrection Day Poem from Luke 24


We walked the long and dusty road
Emmaus was our goal
Discussing what had taken place
Confusion took its toll

He WAS the Christ! Said Cleopas
You know He had to be
The miracles, the way He taught
With all authority

I shook my head in disbelief
I want it to be true
But we both saw Him crucified
We stood there, me and you

I can’t explain the things He said
The darkness or the quake
But that He’s dead and buried there
Of this, there’s no mistake

Dear Cleopas would not relent
You stood at Laz’rus’ tomb
And heard when Jesus called him out
Undoing Death’s dark gloom

We saw Him break the bread and fish
Two times – the thousands fed
Bid Peter walk upon the sea
At Nain, He raised the dead

I know all this, the same as you
And I’ve believed – till now
That He was the Messiah King
Who’d make the Romans bow

But now, they’ve crucified “The Lord”
There’s nothing left to say
It’s over. All our hopes are dead
They died with Him that day.

And so we bickered back and forth
Despair our only gain
Until a stranger walking fast
Drew near and joined our train

He spoke, and asked what troubled us
That we would argue so?
The vigour of our speech, He said
Had piqued His mind to know

In sharpness Clopas answered Him
Are you the ONLY one
Who doesn’t know the tragedy
The wickedness just done?

He stopped and looked at both of us
A kind yet searching stare
Suppose you tell me what it is
You’re certain happened there?

So taking turns in rapid fire
We told Him our grim news
How Jesus came from Nazareth
A prophet of the Jews

Just how He wrought great miracles
And preached like none before
Who healed the sick and raised the dead
Fed multitudes and more

And we, we thought He was the One
Our Savior, Christ and King
To usher in the Kingdom new
Restoring everything

Our priests and rulers hated Him
Pretended He was tried
Conspiring with the Romans then
Condemned Him, thus He died

They crucified Him on a cross
As though some filthy cur
And not a soul defended Him
No, no one said a word

Today’s the third day since His death
And now reports have said
That some have seen Him yet alive
And risen from the dead

Disciples ran to see the tomb
Both John, and Peter too
To see if what the women said
Could possibly be true

And yes, the grave was as they said
His body wasn’t there
But what are we to make of this?
It’s all too much to bear

T’was then the Stranger looked at us
With eyes I can’t describe
And said “You foolish, faithless ones”
A firm but loving chide

“Do you not know the truth revealed?
Of Christ, the prophets told
That He must suffer bleed and die
God’s plan to full unfold

He must destroy the pow’r of death,
Rising up to glory
Since Adam this has been revealed
‘Tis redemption’s story”

Incredulous at our dark minds
He opened up the Word
Revealing Christ in all of it
In ways we’d never heard

Our hearts ablaze with Gospel fire
Emmaus now drew near
Though He seemed going farther on
We pled with Him stay near

And when we sat to sup with Him
He bless’d and broke the bread
Our eyes were opened all at once
To everything He’d said

We saw Him then for who He is
Christ Jesus! Living! Ris’n!
No longer in the grave, nor dead
Freed from death’s dark prison

At once He vanished from our sight
We ran to tell the rest
We ran back to Jerusalem
And joyfully confessed

The Lord has risen, ris’n indeed!
We’ve walked and talked with Him
Then Simon said He’d seen Him too
And Mary chorused in

We told them how in breaking bread
He opened up our eyes
And how He taught us from the Law
The Son of man must rise

When all at once He came and stood
And whispered – “Peace to you”
So startling us and frightening
We didn’t know what to do

“Why so troubled, why this doubting?”
Look, see my hands and feet
It is myself, I’m really here
Come touch me, and believe”

He took a piece of broiled fish
And ate it as a sign
While disbelief and doubting joy
Were mixed in every mind

And then He said “these are my words
I spoke to you before
That all of me writ in the Word
Must be fulfilled. It’s sure.”

And then He opened up our minds
The Scriptures for to see
His death and resurrection were
The Great Necessity

His blood atonement for our sin
The Father satisfies
The proof that He’s accepted it
His rising testifies

Oh hear us now as we proclaim
To sinners far and wide
That Jesus Christ has borne our wrath
In our place He has died

Yet more than that, the Gospel says
He’s risen now – indeed!
His sacrifice has paid the price
The ransom’s been received

That all who put their trust in Him
Believing all He’s done
His death and resurrection bring
Salvation in The Son

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