Mother’s Day 2020 and Covid-19 / A Poem

It’s Mother’s Day again this year
An odd one – all agree
For most will have to rest content
To visit “technically”

It doesn’t mean we love you less
Tho this year – from afar
We’ll see you on our screens and such
Or drive by in a car

We’ll have to wait a little while
To hug you on the neck
To feel your warm embrace again
And give your cheek a peck

But then again you’ll finally get
To see your dream come true
At last we have all washed our hands
Like you always told us to

We’ve never been so soil free
Each face securely masked
By law we cover all our coughs
Just like you always asked

We stay about six feet apart
So we no longer hear
“Stop bothering your sister”
Or, “Don’t put that in his ear!”

The President and other minds
Blame China for this mess
But my suspicions cast an eye
On Mothers – I confess

I think this was plot by Moms
To finally get their way
To us make do by law, the things
We’ve scorned until today

A virus! Hah! There’s no such thing
An evil scheme it is
To wash our hands incessantly
And avoid those “certain” kids

I get it now, it’s all so clear
The ultimate control
The pow’r to ruin all our fun
I’m sure now, that’s the goal!

To rob us of our right to germs
To sickness and disease
To make us read, play games at home
Enslave us by degrees!

I’m sure we’ll never know the truth
Behind this global plot
If Mom’s are really all to blame
If they wanted what they got

We’ll chalk it up a win for you
You figured out a way
To keep the good kids close at hand
And bad ones kept at bay

That’s pretty clever I’ll concede
You’re smarter than we thought
“Just blame it on the virus”
That’s the bill of goods we’ve bought

But then again, it might be true
You had no hand in this
Some other powers were at work
My suspicions are amiss

And if that’s so, I’m left to this –
There’s but one thing to say
Thank you Moms – for loving us
And have a happy Mother’s Day

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