Through the Word in 2020 #175 – Dec. 18 / Endings

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With this 175th installment of Through the Word – the end of this year is upon us. Christmas is only a few days away. 2021 right after. And I am preparing to leave for a 2 month sabbatical in Texas. It has been one wild ride of a year.

The complications and impact of Covid-19 remain with us. Though by God’s good grace, some light is shining at the end of that tunnel. My wife and I both recovered, but many are still afflicted, and even some we know have lost their lives to it. And in 18 years of marriage I have never seen my wife more ill. It’s been a rough time.

Our nation has been more polarized than at any time in my remembrance. And the last election cycle proved to be more chaotic, divisive and filled with suspicion, animosity and rancor than any in my lifetime.

I’m Reid Ferguson – and you are listening to the final episode of Through the Word in 2020 for this year. I can’t very well call it that in 2021, can I?

There is no question most of us are ready for this year to end. Revelation 15 pictures some of what will be the end of this present age. It’s pretty bracing. Nahum 1:2-Habakkuk 1:4 speak to the end of Israel’s chastisements, judgments on pagan nations and the hope of the new Heaven and New Earth. John 18:19-24 finds Jesus standing before Caiaphas with the end of His earthly life but hours away, and the end of the entire Judaic system on the horizon. And in the midst of it all is Psalm 146 with its laser-light cutting through everything to give us clear vision for the present and the future. How incredibly timely.

It begins with its emphatic exhortation not to fail to praise our God in it all – as long as we live. As long as we have being. Irrespective of anything else going on around us.

And then it reminds us not to put any trust at all in princes – political leaders. They are all but fallen men and women. The best of them. And in time the plans of everyone of them will perish. Nothing they can do is forever.

Our eyes are then redirected to the real hope – the Lord our God. The one who created it all – including you, me and those still far gone in their iniquity.

Don’t forget – He has set us free from our sin and condemnation. He lifts us up in our heaviest times. He loves His righteous ones – righteous with the righteousness of Jesus. He watches over us in our sojourning here. Reminding us this isn’t home. And He upholds all those with no other visible means of support. We are held.

And He will bring all the ways of the wicked to ruin. He WILL reign forever. He is our God to all generations.

So – Praise the Lord!

That said, this will be the last installment for this year. I hope to return in March of 2021 with a revamped podcast. Changing frequency, perhaps adding some guest interviews, and some longer commentary on a host of things from a Biblical perspective.

At least that’s the plan. I’ve long since learned that God’s providence always limits our options. But if He allows, that’s the way we’ll go. Time will tell, but stay tuned.

It has been a very high privilege for me to share something with you most days over these past months.

From Sky and I, have the very Merriest of Christmases with all of its 2020 oddness.

And keep your eyes fixed in our true hope as you look to the new year in Him.

He reigns now, and will reign forever.

Good willing, we’ll be back in March.

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