Immanuel – A Poem for Christmas 2020

The Angel spoke in Joseph’s dream

Wed Mary without fear

The child alive within her now

Is God – to man drawn near

“Immanuel”, The Prophet wrote

God with us – is His name

From birth to all eternity

From age to age the same

God with us – in every sorrow

No stranger to our grief

Beside His broken hearted ones

His presence, our relief

God with us – in temptation’s hour

Not absent in that trial

Unfazed by sins revealed in us

However deep and vile

God with us – in our loneliness

How much He walked alone

Abandoned by His family

And those He called His own

God with us – in our weaknesses

Conversant with each flaw

Our every breach of holiness

He met. Fulfilled the Law

God with us – in our sinfulness

Though none of it His own

But wearing all our guilt and shame

Still bears us to His throne

God with us – in our faithlessness

Our doubts – no hind’ring pow’r

The Lord in all omnipotence

Does more than match the hour

God with us – in our foolishness

His counsel set aside

He’s still the very Word of God

In mercy still abides

God with us – when we’re terrified

He rules o’er every storm

And walks upon life’s raging seas

In majesty of form 

God with us – in confusion’s cloud

When sunlight’s hid from view

The light of God’s own radiance

In Him shines fully through

God with us – on the hardest road

God with us – in our ease

God with us – when the evil one

Attacks. He never flees

“Immanuel”, the Prophet wrote

No title. No mere name

The  wonder of our God with us

And thus conqu’ring, He will reign

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