Reflections on the Substitutionary Atonement of Christ Jesus

In 2008, it was my privilege to deliver 2 lectures at the John Bunyan Conference – hosted by John Reisinger, on the doctrine of Christ’s atonement. He was most gracious in inviting me, knowing in advance that we would disagree. But John was a champion of open discussion and always in favor of asking questions to further our understanding of what the Scriptures teach, and to refine our knowledge when and where we can.

Recently Cross to Crown Ministries, under the direction of A. Blake White has made almost 30 years of the John Bunyan Conference lectures available free online. They can be found HERE. And they contain lectures from John Reisinger, Fred Zaspel, A. Blake White, Doug Moo, Tom Schreiner, Don Carson and others. Tons of good listening. And I want to thank Blake and Cross to Crown for their largess in making this material available to all.

My 2 lectures were designed to open a dialog among my Reformed brethren regarding how we understand the the idea of “limited Atonement” – especially in light of the New Covenant. While the majority of those present did not agree with my conclusions, it was a genial – and I hope – productive time together. Fred Zaspel was the more-than-capable respondent to my lectures, and those responses are included in the recordings so that you can hear the nature of where our points of disagreement lay.

It is my prayer that continuing to search the Scriptures and challenge our own assumptions will help us grow more and more in the appreciation of this great, Christ-wrought salvation which is ours in Jesus, and overflow into every increasing worship to the One who saved us by His blood.

The link to both lectures is HERE Scroll down to near the bottom of the page – to 2008.


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