An attempt to put Jude’s letter in verse

I originally did this as an exercise in helping me memorize Scripture. I pray it might be useful for you too.

From Jude, a slave of Jesus Christ

Of James, a brother son

To those Beloved in Father God

And kept for Christ The Son


May mercy multiply to you

May peace be greater still

And love o’er flow your hearts as well

‘Tis this my prayerful will


In eagerness I longed to write

Of our salvation shared

But bound by need appeal to you

To let your arm be bared


To fight and strive, contending for

The faith we have believed

The once-for-all delivered faith

That we by faith received


For some have crept in secretly

Whose end has been foretold

A condemnation fitting such

Who dare to be so bold


Ungodly, they pervert God’s grace

As license still to sin

Denying Jesus Christ as Lord

In serving self, not Him


Christ always leads us out from sin

From bondage sets us free

Just as He did with Israel

From Egypt’s slavery


But those who proved they disbelieved

In judgment He condemned

They perished in the Wilderness

And met their bitter end


And even angels who rebelled

And left their proper place

Remain e’en now in dark and chains

Awaiting judgment day

Or think of all in Sodom’s plane

Whose immorality

Brought fire upon their wicked heads

Then and eternally


And yet like those are some with you

Relying on their dreams

Defile, reject authority,

And glorious ones blaspheme


Imagining exaltedness

They haughtily defame

And mock the fallen angels now

Beyond their right domain


Ignoring even Michael sent

For Moses lying dead

Refrained from using judging words

“The Lord rebuke you” said


But these, who do not understand

Serve instincts of their flesh

And are destroyed accordingly

By lusts left unaddressed


No word but “woe” belongs to them

They’ve walked the way of Cain

And given themselves over to

The vile pursuit of gain


Abandoned up to Balaam’s ways

And Korah’s lust for pow’r

Each perished in their wicked ways

Condemned in judgment’s hour


Like hidden reefs just out of sight

Their danger sight unseen

They fearlessly join fellowship

Not knowing what it means


They pose as shepherds to Christ’s flock

But feed themselves alone

As useless and as weightless, they

As rainless clouds are blown

Fruitless, like out of season trees

Twice dead, uprooted, bare

Like agitated, foaming waves

With only shame to wear


Like wand’ring stars without a course

With no God given path

The gloom of utter darkness waits

Their doom in Heaven’s wrath


Were we not warned? Indeed we were

The ancient Enoch wrote

Their words and deeds ungodly done

Our holy God did note


And when He comes to judge at last

With all His angels there

Each grumbling, restless, boasting one

Will find their shame laid bare


So you beloved, don’t forget

The Lord’s apostles told

Ungodly scoffers would arise

Divisive, fleshly, bold


Devoid the Spirit of our Christ

And married to the world

The wrath of God umixed in time

At them will sure be hurled


Be busy building yourselves up

In The most holy faith

By praying in the Holy Ghost

While for His mercy wait


Keep all yourself in heart and mind

Immersed in God’s great love

In mercy tend to those who doubt 

Keep pointing them above


And those enkindled by false truths

Pluck burning from the fire

Whilst fearing lest you too be singed

And sooted by the Liar

All praise to Him whose pow’r to keep

From stumbling as to fall

That blameless we might be in Him

According to His call


Presenting each with greatest joy

Before God’s gloried face

To God, our Savior, Jesus Christ

Be endless, highest praise


For majesty, dominion’s reign

Supreme authority

From all time and forever more

Let all praise rise to Thee.

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