A Thought on Jesus Feeding the 5,000

I am struck that Jesus used barley bread when feeding the 5,000. As commentators note, this was the bread of the poor. It was not the best quality. Jesus gave them only plain bread – not a lobster and steak dinner. And He certainly could have. It was already a miracle. But miracles are not usually the stuff of gold dust and flash.

But in His hands it is sufficient.

It was not plentiful, but in His hands, it is sufficient.

It was even borrowed, but in His hands, it is sufficient.

What an encouragement to preachers:

We do not have to possess the eloquence of Chrysostom or Spurgeon.

We need not the voluminous mental capacities of Luther and Calvin.

We may not have an original thought in our heads – the simple Word will do.

In the Master’s hands, the plain Word will do.

And it will be more than sufficient for those who hear, and beyond.

And now a word for congregants:

Your preacher may not be an orator or one who possesses great style, if, by the Spirit, he is breaking the Bread of Life to you.

He may not have a towering intellect that delves into and unpacks all the mysteries of life and how to respond to and deal with all the complexities of all the issues which face us in the world today – if he is faithfully giving you God’s Word.

He may not be inventive, creative, entertaining, provocative, edgy, hip, woke or anything else – if he simply teaches you God’s will as plainly expressed in His Word.

If he preaches Christ and Him crucified – and you will have it – you too will go away satisfied.

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