A Reformation Sunday Poem for 2021

Sola Scriptura


Thy Word, our great authority

All claims by it we weigh

None else can bind our hearts and minds

No matter what they say


No Popes, no creeds, nor councils great

Dare stand above Thy Word

What Thou hast written there for us

Must first and last be heard


Sola Gratia


No merit can be found in man

Commending us to God

And all pretentious goodness claims

At root are sinful fraud


Since Adam’s fall and ours in him

Sin barred us from God’s face

And naught can bring us back again

But solely God’s free grace


Sola Fide


Nor can our striving labors plied

However noble thought

Though infinitely multiplied

Sincere and tireless wrought


Can bring us one mite closer to

Salvation from God’s wrath

But faith alone in Christ alone

There is no other path


Solus Christus


T’was Christ alone was crucified

On Him our sin was laid

And by His blood alone we’re cleansed

No other means was made


In Him alone we’re made complete

No sacerdotal means

Can add to Jesus’ cross-work done

None other intervenes


Soli Deo Gloria


All glory, praise and honor be

To God the three in one

Salvation by His arm was wrought

By Him alone was done


No man can claim the least of praise

Our guilt was all we brought

But to His just and endless praise

We by His blood were bought

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