A Prayer from Mark 12:29-31

The right role of emotion in true religion is never to arrive at truth by what we feel, but to deeply feel the truth. If the truth does not move us, something is terribly wrong.

Oh to love, with all my heart

This one who died for me

To prize Him, far above all else

Surpassing all I see

That I may truly know Him

As Heaven’s crowning gem

The radiant sum of Heaven’s wealth

Love’s flower, root and stem

That all my soul might grasp Him

Each passion full informed

Perception raised to highest pow’r

And new conceptions formed

That He alone might charm me

And all temptations fade

Restored to the original

For what I first was made

That I may understand Him

In whom all truth resides

God’s wisdom shining outward

No depth of God He hides

To let my mind explore Him

Who knows no human bounds

The infinite, eternal one

Whose universe He sounds

With all my strength to serve Him

To wear the yoke of love

That binds in Heaven’s sweetest way

My will to His above

That no command’s a burden

As He bore all my sin

My heart, my soul, my mind, my strength

Devoted all to Him

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