You too – Can Be a Prophet!

1 Cor. 14.31a “For you can all prophesy one by one.”

Would you like to be a prophet? No, really. I mean it. This isn’t a trick. I am convinced that a modern “school of the prophets” is in order in our day. And I wonder if you would like to be in it? I’ll tell you ahead, I am not planning to charge for the course. So this isn’t some money making deal. You won’t have to leave home to learn it. And when you are done, you will every bit as much a Biblically bonafide prophet as John the Baptizer himself. So, OK, are you ready? Let’s go.

1. Drop any notion of telling the future. Well, not entirely, but mostly. At least in terms of “will I marry before I’m 25?” or, “what will my next job be?” or “will the false antichrist wear Smurf P.J.’s”. Those are the kinds of prophecies weird pseudo-prophets make on pay-by-the-minute phone lines. That’s kid’s stuff. John the Baptist for instance never once predicted the future beyond saying that this Jesus would at some point, take away the sins of the world.

But Jesus said John was even MORE than a prophet.

That’s what we’re after. Being a REAL prophet.

So other than predicting that Christ is going to return of a certainty – you DO NOT, I repeat you DO NOT have to make a single prediction about anyone’s personal future. Nor any country’s future, the economy, the European union, nada.

2. Forget about doing miracles. Now don’t get me wrong. If God WANTS to do one through you, it’ll come off just fine. You won’t have to worry, or prep or nothin’. God Himself is in charge of the miraculous, since He is in charge of nature. If you are going to do something SUPERnatural, you need to have a good handle on managing the natural, and that is His department, not ours. You and I do not manage nature. God alone does. Once again, since this is the John the Baptizer School of the Prophets, we can safely follow our mentor. After all, he did have divine endorsement. We read it up above. John never did one miracle, and we have it on Jesus’ authority that one does not have to do miracles to be a prophet. So we can breathe a sigh of relief and skip that class.

OK, now get ready – because this is the big one. Everything depends upon this. This is the key point. The main point. The ONLY point. Ready?

3. Point to Christ.

Too fast for you? let me repeat it – POINT – TO – CHRIST.

Point to His person and work. Declare Him to be who and what he is, and what He did at Calvary. point to Jesus. Point out what he did for you in redeeming your soul, and making you His child. Point out how He forgives sin, justifies sinners, sends the Spirit to empower and bless us, has given us His message to declare, has promised to return for us, and meets our every need. Point to Christ. Make much of Him.  Chat Him up as our British brothers or sisters might say. Rejoice in Him. Give Him glory. Be thankful.  Sing His praises. Walk in His joy. Tell of His mercy and grace and loving kindness. Point to Christ. Prophesy.

Rev. 19.10e – “For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.

And we can ALL prophesy one by one – to the everlasting benefit of all who hear.

Point to Christ.

There now – you’re a prophet. In fact a greater prophet than John the Baptizer even. For you have 2000 years of testimony to give out THIS side of the Cross.

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