Bon Appetit!

Whilst we remain in this wilderness, still in our Exodus – Christ is provided for each soul – as much as we want – every day (John 6) – and, His mercies (His balm for our sin-sicknesses) are new each morning. The truth is, we starve spiritually for one reason only, because we will not gather. And then we wonder why our appetites lead us to what we ought not have – sin.

One of the greatest tests of our genuineness, is to be found in whether or not we will be content with God’s provision, and the particularities surrounding it. Just like the Israelites with manna in the wilderness.

Note, this “law” of gathering manna each day was a law to be “walked in” – is not a “do this” or “don’t do that” kind of law. It is a natural law. God told them manna would come down each day. God’s provision, but a provision which cannot be stored but must be gathered each day. This is the way it will be – like a law of nature. So, what was to be seen was if they would yield to God’s arrangements? Which question remains for us too. Will we submit to God’s arrangement of finding our daily satisfaction in Christ, or will we demand something other from Him? Or is Christ in The Word too boring, too ordinary? Not spicy enough. Not sexy enough.

Now all of this echoes directly back to the Garden. Adam & Eve were not content with what God HAD provided, and thus lusted after what He had not. And when we will not take full advantage of His provisions in the preaching and teaching of His Word, (which we can daily gather to our heart’s content), corporate worship, prayer – we will soon lust after other things. We will, like the Jews, begin to grow weary of the same old thing. And then to think we can simply gather it at will instead of making sure we pay attention to gathering it when and where it is provided. Thinking we can do with it as we see fit – imagine we can store it up and take it out whenever we please, instead of needing it fresh each day from His hand.

Great lessons are to be learned here. Those who say they can be Christians but do not need those things God has provided, nor to partake of them AS He has provided for them, will find themselves under His hand of judgment. He is testing us always. Even as He is lovingly, bountifully providing for us each day.

So, have you gone out to gather yet today? Open your Bible. The Bread of Life has been freshly given. Bon appetit.

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