He is Risen – An Easter Poem

I have one hope, It is but one

That Christ’s work on the Cross once done

And He then buried in the grave

Arose to justify and save

In death He crushed the Serpent’s head

And dying in the sinner’s stead

Took all the wrath of God due me

Upon Himself to set me free

He then descended to the tomb

And entered Death’s and Hell’s dark room

But there no power could hold Him fast

The Son of God arose at last

The King of Glory, Christ the Son

The second of the Three in One

Defeating Satan, Hell and Death

Arising drew Salvation’s breath

And now imparts through faith to all

Life from the dead and from The Fall

And makes them with the Father one

Who flee to Christ, the Living One

Who justifies all sinners who

Trust Him for what good works can’t do

Who rest in grace and grace alone

And in Whose blood did full atone

This Jesus, Savior, God and King

Arose the Lord of everything

Ascended to the Father’s side

And waits to come and claim His Bride

He will return in majesty

And all will bow and bend the knee

The day will come when all will stand

Before the risen Son of Man

When ev’ry thought and deed and word

Each ever done and ever heard

In contrast to His holiness

Reveals the depths of sin in us

And only those by His in faith

Will without fear behold His face

Those still fast bound in unbelief

Will face His wrath without relief

He’s risen! Oh, behold Him now

Before His glory humbly bow

The Promise – all who come by faith

Will find forgiveness. Mercy. Grace.

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