Details, details, details

The picture above is the eye of a fly seen with the aid of an electron microscope. The detail is pretty astounding. How precise the Great Designer is.

Years ago when I was in business, I was trying to secure a contract to manufacture perforated basting spoons for the military. I was a bit surprised when I got a 17 page specification sheet for them. Yup, just a little ole spoon like you see here. Nothing special.

Now all of this came to mind as I was reading 1 Kings today, and the amount of detail given to us regarding the construction of Solomon’s Temple. I mean seriously, do we really need all that?

Apparently we do. If we didn’t, God wouldn’t have seen fit to include it.

But what for?

I’ll leave the ferreting out of grander or deeper reasons why this may have been written down for us, to hearts and minds much more capable than mine. But I think we have at least this: It is an intimation of how precisely God has designed each and every one of His redeemed, for our place as “living stones” in the “spiritual house” Christ is constructing. (1 Peter 2:5)

Christian, Christ is as intentional in every facet of your being and its usefulness in building His Church, as He was in minutiae of Solomon’s Temple. Of those tiny, microscopic projections in the eye of the fly above. More so. Since both the fly and Solomon’s Temple were meant to be transient. And all those in Christ are meant to serve His eternal purposes, in revealing and celebrating the infinite glories of the Christ who has saved us by His blood. Down to the atomic level of your individual being – you are designed to fit and serve ever so perfectly. And He would not have His Temple complete, without you, and your microscopic details. Not because of you, but because He made you that way.

No one in Christ by faith is a mere hanger on, superfluous. You are in His details.

Marvel at the wonder of such a God. And how He brought you to such a place by His redeeming love.

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