A Brief Tuesday Prayer

It happened once again, just a few minutes ago. A communication that a friend, highly useful in the Kingdom of God, we suddenly taken ill, and may have but a few months to live. We don’t know yet. But the older I get and the more live goes by, the more these types of events repeat themselves.

Upon hearing it, the verse that came immediately to mind was this one. One I need to meditate on often. And while part of a prayer uttered by Moses, it was kept by the Spirit for you and me.

The idea of numbering here isn’t about knowing exactly how much time each or any of us may have left in this present life. It is first and foremost a simple reminder that life is finite. That our days are indeed – numbered. Contrary to Rod Stewart and his 1981 hit “Young Turks” – time is NOT on our side. So it is we need to be sure we are on the side of eternity.

And thus, my short prayer borne out of Moses’ words:

“Heavenly Father, I pray this along with Moses today. Let it be so. Teach ME to number my days. To take advantage of the time you have given. Not to waste it on the world and on frivolous things. Not to squander it on what is temporary, and least of all, sinful. May my days be spent in learning of you, joying in you, making your glory known to others, and manifesting your great love in the earth. Make my time productive in the advancement of your kingdom within my own heart, in the hearts of those who know you, and to extend to those who do not – that they too might come under your banner in salvation. Let me not lose one moment in bitterness. Not a single second musing upon wickedness. No time invested in self-pity, arrogance, self-will or hatred against any other. Let me not give up one of these precious hours to anything that would displease you. Let me invest each passing moment in reveling in your glory and goodness and grace. Teach me to number my days, that I may get a heart of true wisdom. Let me live clinging to the Cross of Christ, and proclaiming His saving work on Calvary to all my brothers and sisters in Christ, and to this lost and dying world any and every way open to me.”

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