A Monday Poem

O’er all the span of endless space
No atom’s hidden from your face
No object lacks your touch of hand
No creature void of your command

A Sovereign true in every way
Your daily work in full display
All Nature, but your own true task
Smile hid ‘neath Providence’s mask

Yet lo how poorly I conceive
How slow my heart to full believe
Such glory, power majesty
In love does condescend to me

The Son in all divinity
Leaves Heaven’s grand felicity
Enrobes Himself in human flesh
To come and die a sinner’s death

In conq’ring grace to overcome
My traitor’s heart in sin undone
To set a wicked captive free
And bind Himself to one like me

This mind so low can’t comprehend
Such love, I cannot apprehend
This Triune grand conspiracy
Unleashed in holy unity

Should Father God, and Christ the Son
Join with the Spirit, three in one
To bring about redemption’s plan
And save the dregs of fallen man

For strength! To know, I humbly cry
To bear such weight of glory high
The length, the width, the depth the height
Unknowable with all my might

Until at last my soul’s consumed
All thoughts and feelings full subsumed
And filled with God’s own fullness. Done
I bear the likeness of The Son

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