The Fear of The Lord

The Fear of the Lord is a complex issue. Some think the Believer ought not to have any fear of the Lord subsequent to salvation. Sadly, this ignores aspects of that fear that may be somewhat classified under the idea of reverential awe.

Sin distorts everything. As Christians, we know this as axiomatic. And nowhere is this more evident than when addressing a topic like the fear of the Lord. The Fear of the Lord gets twisted in our fallenness and sin-distorted reasoning, as we look at those words “the fear of the Lord” and import into them notions of ruthlessness, implacability, perpetual irritation, pettiness, unpredictability, volatility and harshness.

‌He becomes not a God to be awed at in His glory and wonder but cowered before.

‌So that God must be approached as though surrounded by a cosmic minefield and that we had better be constantly careful that we don’t tick Him off lest He explode at us in inexplicable rage.‌

And that, by keeping an endless list of revealed and even worse – secret and irrational rules regulations.

But in Psalm 147 we get one of the aspects of the fear of the Lord that is greatly overlooked. It reads: “the Lord values those who fear Him, those who depend upon His faithful care.” (JPS. Tanakh: 1985).

Here is a most sweet and wonderful consideration then: That part and parcel of fearing the Lord, is to “depend upon His faith care.”

And so I pray today: Heavenly Father, it is a thought above all thoughts that you take pleasure in your people. In the likes of me. But here you say it. And this in the most simple of contexts. To fear you, and to hope in your steadfast love. May I study to please you with all my might. To know your fear in truth. And to never doubt your love for a moment – but to trust and hope in it always. I want to make you smile.

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