Proverbs Today / All Men Are Created “Equal”?

‌In the movie The Princess Bride, the character Vizzini exclaims “inconceivable” every time something goes against his expectations – even though it may be the most logical outcome. So it is after another such outburst, Inigo Montoya claps back with: “You keep using that word; I don’t think it means what you think it means.”‌

The framers of the Declaration of Independence began that august document with the words: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.” But I doubt they imagined equality the way this text holds it forth.

Prov. 22:2 “The rich and the poor meet together; the Lord is the Maker of them all.”

‌There is no VIP line at the gates of Heaven. ‌No courtesy extended the rich above the poor. ‌No special treatment for those who imagine themselves above the rest in any way. ‌No place for personal aggrandizement.

‌All Believers are humble rescues by the nail scarred hands of the Savior who alone receives the glory. In fact, there is nothing mythical like the “self-made man.” The Lord is the maker of them all.

Who and whatever you are; who or whatever you may be; whatever station in life or rank among men you hold, remember this – you did not make yourself – you were made. And you were made by the very same hand as every other human being. You belong to your Creator. You were made for His purposes. He made you with the unique qualities which are yours. Take no pride that you differ from another in these things. Be humbled. For one day, each of us will stand before our Maker – to give an account of how we lived: For the purpose for which we were made? Or as renegades after our own liking? And there will be no boasting in that hour. Only those who more fully did what they should, according to the purpose of the Master – and those who did not. How have you lived your life? For Him, or imagining you were your own?

‌All are creatures, but God.

‌All must be sustained, but God.‌

All must die, but God.

‌All are sinners, but God.

All need redemption, but God.

‌All are lost apart from His loving and sovereign intervention, but God.

‌All stand to be judged, but God.

‌None then, are essentially above any other.

‌Let our external circumstances be what they may – in these, we are all equal. And in more.

‌Where then is pride?

‌How is it we look down our noses at any other human being?

‌How is it our hearts do not melt for those still lost, when none-the-more deserving, we have received Christ by pure grace?

‌Where then is prejudice?

‌Who dares discount or exalt any other person in deference to another?

‌Whence comes the exercise of my personal “rights” at the expense of any other?

‌Where then is preeminence?

‌Why is my subjective opinion so important?

‌Why are my personal preferences binding on others?

‌We will all stand before Him.

‌We will not be judged in comparison to one another – but to Christ.


‌What glory then in the Gospel.

‌And what fear if we have neglected so great a salvation.

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