Proverbs Today / A Prayer for The Sluggard

Proverbs 26:16 “The sluggard is wiser in his own eyes than seven men who can answer sensibly.”

Biblically, the word “sluggard” universally applies to one who is slow, lazy, idle, inactive.

It doesn’t imply they are stupid or ignorant or even unlearned. But having elevated their own reason above everything else, they never think any more deeply than their own opinions. They have a view on everything. A worldview that comprehends everything – and they never think beyond it – but squeeze everything else into that box.

The fact is, these are often very bright people – though probably not so bright as they would like you to believe, or as bright as THEY think they are. But there is always about them something of the smell that they have the inside track, and most everyone else really doesn’t get it. They know everyone else’s motives, and how everyone else should decide and act in their particular circumstances. Arm-chair quarterbacks who have never ever been on the gridiron, but can castigate the real players without end. They are certain they perceive what everyone misses constantly. But in truth, though vigorous in their opinions, they are woefully lazy thinkers – for they never reason beyond their own opinions.

As vs. 16 says: Sluggards are wiser in their own eyes than 7 men who can answer sensibly. Once they’ve made up their minds on anything – that is as far as it will ever go. No matter what.

Father, deliver me from this sin. The very word sluggard refers to the indolent and lazy. And while I may be industrious in many other things, let not my heart and mind grow lazy in self-deception – that somehow, my unconsidered thoughts and opinions, which have in reality NOT been examined very deeply – roll off my tongue like the fountain of wisdom I imagine myself to be. Teach me your ways, your thoughts, your understanding. Don’t give me up to my own narrow perceptions, perspectives and pontifications. Keep me forever diligent in seeking, finding out and pursuing the Wisdom you have placed in your Word, and incarnated in Christ. Let me see all through the lens of your eternal plans and purposes, and not that of my own conceptions.

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