Proverbs Today / The Problem of New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions are Too Late

Prov. 27:1 “Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring.”

‌At the risk of being ever so predictable and pedestrian, 2023 is almost upon us, and as American Culture has it, some will be thinking about the proverbial “New Year’s Resolutions.”

‌But as our text reminds us today, no matter how well intentioned – planning the good things you are hoping to do tomorrow, in the new year – is subject to the unknowns of life. We do not know what a day may bring. All can change in a heartbeat. So boasting, even in our imaginations of what we think we’ll accomplish in the new year is simply too fanciful to be useful.

‌In fact, a much bigger question looms with the flip of the calendar.

‌Think with me for a minute. Such “boasting” as the text refers to is not limited to the promise of great exploits yet to be done- or how great you will be someday, but it is couched in the unspoken backdrop of putting off till tomorrow things which ought to be our business today. And nowhere is this more true and important than in spiritual matters.

‌We do not hold tomorrow. God cannot be served in the “what if”. We must seize the hours we have while we have them. All else is a vain boast against a future we do not possess.

‌Pray NOW.

‌Know His Word NOW.

‌Love others NOW.

‌Seek Christ NOW.

‌Walk with Christ TODAY.

‌Mortify the deeds of the flesh NOW.

‌Bless other NOW, with what you have and CAN do, not waiting until you have the hope of doing or having more.

‌Neither you nor I know what a day may bring.

‌Can the New Year’s Resolutions, and stop today and be about the things that make for your growth in Christ – NOW.

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