Random Tidbits from The Word

From Mark 6:1-6 / There is a common misconception about this passage, that somehow, Jesus (God) NEEDS our faith in order to work. If that were so, He could never have created the universe without our faith first. And Jesus certainly could not have risen from the dead – for who had faith for that? No. The reason why Jesus “could do no mighty work” here, is simple: Only those who come believing, receive. As vs. 6 says: “He marveled because of their unbelief.” Having seen Him grow up; doing “mighty works” (vs. 2) and hearing Him teach – they still did not believe. And in their unbelief, only a few sick people came to Him. And them, He healed. He was and is – always able. We, are so horribly unbelieving. Like the last two cases in the chapter before this one, their faith carried them to Jesus, and Jesus responded. This is what faith always does at its root – carries us to Christ. Turns our eyes to Him.

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