The Seriousness of The Gospel

From Mark 6:7-13 / The Disciples were to make it clear that rejecting the Gospel was not a mere matter of “oh well, you have your view, and I have mine.” They were commanded to be sure there was an impactful statement that to reject the Gospel was to be counted as outside of the kingdom – to be a foreigner and to reject King Jesus and His reign. The Gospel is not one acceptable form of religion among many – it is God’s only acceptable form. Now doing this within a Jewish context would have been scandalous. After all, the Jews WERE God’s people living under His appointed economy. Except that, His Word had told them they would not be under the yoke of foreign powers unless they were in dire sin in having rejected God. They did not see the Roman occupation for what it was – God’s judgment upon their sin. They did not comprehend they were in fact, in exile, while living in the land of Promise. This is a powerful example of Titus 2:15 But in the Gospel, forgiveness and freedom is being put before them, because of Christ’s sacrifice.

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