Rocky Ground Hearers

From Mark 6:14-29 / It is a very interesting thing how some who hear, hear gladly, and yet remain so perplexed and unbelieving. We must not rush to consider such saved, simply because they hear the message of the Gospel with joy. They may even take great interest in it – and yet not submit to it. To attach to all who display an interest more than that, and treat them as converted or even true friends of the Gospel is a grave error. This is the danger with fawning over those who may court or speak kindly to Christians while seeking political power. With a new Presidential election cycle looming over us – this is a very timely caution.

Herod here seems to fit Jesus’ parable of the soils well. He is the rocky ground. He heard the word with joy. But had no root. And at the slightest perturbation, immediately falls away.

Men will be converted only when they understand their need of a Savior from God’s wrath and fly to Christ. Nothing else. And apart from that, when push comes to shove – for the sake of a wriggling teenager, a beheading can be right around the corner.

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