Jesus’ Greatest Miracle

From Mark 6:45-52 / What is it about the loaves (vs. 52) that they did not understand? Perhaps mainly this – that this Jesus, was God. In feeding the multitude He had performed an act of creation right in front of them. There were only so many molecules in the bread and fish. He could not stretch it per se – new material had to be created right before their eyes. This was no less profound than speaking the worlds into existence. All done with no pomp, no great announcements, no “look at me”. And they didn’t see. They didn’t get it. God was in their midst. And we don’t see either. We don’t get it any more than they did. God is in our midst, indwelling us in the Spirit. And we too are still afraid, still confused, still overwrought. We are fools. More than they, because we have this testimony before our eyes. His presence is always provision enough – if, we will see it.

Heavenly Father, forgive me of my unbelief. Of the poverty of my sin-wracked faith. Take away my hard heart – and let me see Jesus. Let me know you. In all places, and at all times and under all circumstances.

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