Within and Without

From Mark 7:14-23 / Our most common response to sin, is to try and deal with externals – a better environment. It is true, that we are to flee from sin. If we put ourselves in places which we know expose us to temptation, it will be no surprise if we give in. At the same time, environment is not the larger part of the problem. The real issue, is the remnants of indwelling sin in the Believer, which still resonate with the things we are exposed to in the World. The only REAL answer, is to be about the business of being transformed inwardly by the power of the indwelling Spirit of Christ. Now the same way sin, like a fire, is stoked when we add more fuel to it, the motions of the Spirit are increased when we pursue things which accord with Him: Time in the Word. Time in prayer. Time in worship. Time in service. Time in fellowship. These things don’t make us holy, they ingrain a new way of living under the influence and the impulse of the Holy Spirit who now resides in every Believer. Constant, conscious, deliberate dependence upon His indwelling power – as new habits of the new life.

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