Grace is for the Undeserving

From Mark 7:24-30 / Virtually everyone remarks how this retort of Jesus seems harsh. And one right response is to note Jesus uses the word here for household puppies, rather than the usual scavenger dogs. Irrespective of this, the main idea is 2-fold: First, Jesus was sent to the Jews at this time, not the Gentiles. He was saying that there would be a time later for Him to come and visit Gentiles in their need – but not now: “let the children be fed first.” Second, nevertheless, seeing her distress and how her plea would require Him to go outside His appointed ministry – He still makes a way. This is the only record of Jesus healing at a distance in Mark. Though this woman, like you and me, had no “right” to His attention, He still made a way. And herein we understand the real meaning of grace – it is given in our absolutely undeserving state. Pray beloved. Deserving or not (and we never truly are) we have a Christ who hears and answers when we look to Him.

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