Divine Humility

From Mark 7:31-37 / There are 2 things which stand out here: 1st. Jesus “sighed.” Our Savior groans at the effects of the Fall on us. This poor man, bereft of hearing, and also the ability to speak, moves the Master’s heart. Rather than being repulsed by the effects of sin upon us, He is deeply moved. How grateful I am that He sighs at how sin has impacted my soul, body and mind. Thank you Jesus! 2nd, note how radically different Jesus is from the faith healers of today who only do what they do when a crowd has gathered. They are not found drawing people aside to avoid spectacle, but they actually court and engineer spectacle. They never heal in secret, only to crowds of thousands. Not Him. The divine humility is on full display here. He neither makes a spectacle of the man He heals, nor of Himself. If others indulge in some form of pageantry in ministering to others – run. For they are not displaying the Spirit of Christ.

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