A God of Abundance

A God of Abundance From Mark 8:1-10 / 4 Things to note:

1 – He takes note of our need before others do – or even before we ourselves do. God is a God of abundance.

2 – He is not unmoved by our basic needs. No one is about to starve to death here. There is a need, but it is not life or death. But He is still aware, and still moved. Oh how I fail to trust His compassion!

3 – He does not denigrate their natural need while in the midst of meeting their deepest spiritual need. He is a complete Savior.

4 – Some say that Christ’s atonement was quantitatively sufficient only for the elect, that there is no provision beyond the specific application, and that for there to be more than actually “used” it would be “wasting” the blood of Christ. But it is not so. While it is sovereignly only applied to the Elect, as here, He provides much more than is needed, not in waste, but in mere abundance. Where sin abounded, grace did much MORE abound. God is omnipotent, but not every act of His requires ALL that power. Does that mean it is superfluous or wasted? No. It is indicative of His nature to meet more than the mere need. He is far and beyond all the need of all. Though not all will partake.

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