Seeking Signs

From Mark 8:11-13 / Signs – Why do the Pharisees ask for a sign, when they had already made their minds up to reject the miracles they’d already witnessed? Because the Teacher, disagreed with their traditions. Their asking for proof is disingenuous – just as it is with many today. Nothing keeps men bound in their sins more than requiring God to give them “signs” rather than simply believing the truth. We try to force God’s hand. Internally, thinking to blame Him for not giving us enough proof. But what proof does the truth need? It ought to be obvious. This then becomes the question for each of us to ask ourselves – what kind of “signs” do we require from God, and why? How often do our faithless hearts seek God to prove His love to us in various way – spoken or unspoken, and take our cues about how He views us based upon them – rather than upon the revelation of His love in Christ and the Cross? Oh my wicked, wicked heart! Note, what happens to them because of their unbelief? “He left them” (vs. 13). May that not be any of us.

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