Salvation and The Savior

From Mark 8:22-26 / 2 Things:

1 – Salvation does not follow such a specific pattern, that we can require the same uniform experience by all. God deals individually. Some are brought to full sight all at once. Others come in stages. We need to allow for how the Spirit works according to His infinite wisdom and freedom of choice. Never measure another’s experience in Christ by your own, nor your own by theirs. The question is, has He opened our eyes to see Him?

2 – Having come to Christ for salvation, we do not then go off to some other source to complete the work. Sanctification is not to be had from the Law, or from Psychology, nor in systems, programs, seminars, books, special meetings, experiences or anything else separate from Jesus. He alone is made to us wisdom, salvation, sanctification and redemption. We go to Him for all. What He begins, He alone can and will complete.

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