Who is Jesus?

From Mark 8:27-30 – Who is Jesus? This is the single most important question in the universe – who do YOU say Jesus is? Who do you know Him to be? It seems He told His disciples to refrain from saying anything yet, because of common misconceptions about the Messiah, and because their own thoughts weren’t fully formed yet. But we have the Gospels and 2000 years of proclamation behind us. If He is just a prophet, just a healer, just a moral teacher – no great shakes. But if He is God in human flesh, “Immanuel” – God with us – then we either bow before Him to love, serve and adore Him, or reject Him, and in the process, reject God. For as Jesus Himself said in John 5 – The Father has given all judgment to Him, that all may honor Him, just as they honor Father God. So, who do you say Jesus is? And what are the implications of your answer?

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