Losing Your Life

From Mark 8:34-38 / When many hear the idea of losing one’s life for Jesus’ sake and that of the Gospel, they immediately think of martyrdom. Being physically killed because of being a Christian. And while there have been more Christian martyrs in the 20th century than in all the previous centuries combined – Jesus here is speaking to some far more close to home for those of us in Western culture. He defines it simply as – putting His will and purposes above our own. Crucifying our lusts, desires and plans and preferences, to live in a way that best makes Him manifest to the world around us. To say to Christ – “how can I serve you today” rather than “how can you serve me today?” To put ourselves at His disposal. To live in accordance with who and what He made us to be as His representatives and servants. But I wonder, if we wouldn’t rather suffer martyrdom than denying ourselves? It is worth considering. For He is asking most of us to live for Him, not die for Him – except to our being the center of our world. God, grant us grace.

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