Back to The Mountain

From Mark 9:9-13 / Back to the Mountain – We could not have a more timely caution here from Jesus, than if He had gone on television today and spoken it: DO NOT – DO NOT be as concerned with such prophecies regarding Elijah and other so-called “end times” details. Consider first and foremost the coming of the Son of Man and His rejection by the Jews. When Elijah came (both originally and in antitype in John the Baptizer) he was persecuted (13). Luke 1:17 ties the two together. But these stand only as types, shadows and signals of the Christ and His persecution. Do not make the shadow the substance. Don’t make the paperboys more important than the news. So Jesus could go on to as if to say: You did not understand that the fulfillment of this prophecy was in John the Baptizer, for the same reason you do not understand the Messiah must come first as a suffering servant to die, before He comes in His glory – because these are not simple, one-time events, but multi-layered types, shadows and multi-faceted things which require great discernment. And they all find their fulfillment in Jesus. Back to the mountain – “Listen to Him!”

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