A Grieving Savior

From Mark 9:14-29 – A Grieving Savior / In vs. 19, Jesus’ grief over this situation is palpable. The question is, is Jesus’ grief here: a. an expression of grief over the Disciple’s inability to cast the demon out; b. the heated response of the crowd in the aftermath of their failure; c. the state of affairs among fallen mankind that made the demonization of the boy and his misery possible in the first place – or all or some combination of these? And to see this in such brutal clarity after just having been with Moses and Elijah, and tasting of His own true glory once again – only to be thrust back into the midst of this sin-cursed world. What a grief that must have been to Him. But if I had to settle on one above the others, it would be His grief over the state of the boy – and how long He must tolerate the ravages of sin on His image bearers. How grateful I am He grieves over what sin has done to we who were made in His image. He grieves with us in our groaning in the experience of sin’s aftermath. And He alone will, be the one to satisfy the Father’s justice on our behalf, that “sorrow and sighing shall flee away” (Isa. 35:10) someday.

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