Things of First Importance

From Mark 9:30-32 / Things of First Importance – After Jesus’ transfiguration, and the failure of the Disciples to free the demonized boy, one might have expected Jesus to conduct a class on being glorified, or demonology. But no. As He draws His disciples alone to talk of things which are highest on His list of priorities, it is a focus upon His death, burial and resurrection. And then I see how they respond to this. It confused them. And they were afraid to ask Him about it. And I wonder, what great things do I NOT know about Christ, about the wonder of His death, burial and resurrection, because – for whatever reason, I am afraid to ask Him for clarity? We do not automatically assume these are of the greatest importance. And so I pray today: Forgive me Father. I fail so here. I know so little of Jesus, because I fail to explore Him as I desperately need to. The wonder of His person and work fail to capture my attention as they ought. Fill me with the wonder of – Jesus Christ, my crucified and risen Lord.

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