Who’s the Greatest?

From Mark 9:43-50 – Who’s the Greatest? – This passage rounds out the discussion in vss. 33-37, and the Disciples arguing about who among them was the greatest. When we are minded that way, inevitably we will marginalize the lowly who are His. And how the Savior hates pride, arrogance and elitism in the Church. Hence His drastic words: If your hand brings you to sin – IN THIS – treating one of these lowly ones poorly; if your eye sins – IN THIS – looking upon these down your nose; if your foot leads you to sin – IN THIS – walking differently before these lowly ones – beware! You are no longer salt in this world – you now have imbibed the spirit of the world. One of the worst things Christians, and especially Christian leaders can do, is to create in anyone else a sense of elitism or superiority in God’s Kingdom – or, make them victims of our own elitism. If we strive for recognition or rank, we will infect others around us, either inducing them to follow our lead, or discriminating against them. Fight this sin and the tendency toward it at all costs.

a. Never work for it (the hand in vs. 43).

b. Never walk toward it (the foot in 45).

c. Never set your eye upon it (vs 47).

It is a damning evil. Rank, rots the soul.

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