The Teacher

From Mark 10:1 – If we gather to Him, He will teach us. If not, we will remain ignorant of Him. Prayer is our gathering unto Him, and His Word is Him speaking to us. And oh how we need taught – for it seems as though our wicked hearts and minds do not retain the words of Life. How little we seem to grasp of His person, His work, His plans and His purposes. As was His custom the text says – He taught them. And Mark 6:34 says this was especially His response to seeing the people as “sheep without a shepherd.” Over and over we need to hear.
Teach us your glories Lord, that we might hallow your name;
Teach us your love that we might be conquered by it;
Teach us your will that it might be done in these clods of dirt called our souls, in earth, as it is in Heaven;
Teach us of Christ Jesus such that we might be full and satisfied;
Teach us of your mercy and grace that it might flow from us as freely as it does from you;
Teach how to walk in the steps of Jesus, delivered from the Enemy, abandoning all sin and following Him in righteousness.
Teach us precious Savior.

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