God Hates Divorce

From Mark 10:2-12 – God Hates Divorce / In this portion and its companion in Matt. 5, Jesus’ enemies tried to trap Him by asking a question a certain way. They saw the Law as giving a loophole for getting out of an undesirable marriage. Jesus tells them flat out – if your heart is so hard that you would divorce your wife so you can be with someone else – you’re an adulterer and divorce is not an option. Divorce is there to give one whose spouse has broken the marriage covenant – relief, not as a tool to satisfy one’s lust. So in Isa. 50 and Jer. 3, we see that God even divorced His people because of their infidelity. It is the hardness of heart that breaks the marriage covenant which makes divorce a remedy for the aggrieved in some cases that is behind Mal. 2’s “God hates divorce.” Hardness of heart that can lead us to even use God’s Word to justify our sin. How we need to guard against it.

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