Child-LIKE vs Child-ISH

From Mark 10:13-16 / Child-LIKE vs Child-ISH – It is not childishness which is being lauded here, but the ease with which children believe those in authority. If we recognize Jesus’ authority and like children accept His Word as true and believe it wholeheartedly – how wonderfully easy an entrance into the Kingdom is. And, we need to remember that children can enter the Kingdom as well as adults. Why would we exclude them from exposure to Christ and to His blessing? Are they not in need too? Can they not believe? Let them come! Methinks there is a good argument here for keeping children in the “adult” portion of Church services. As a former pew-rat myself, I can tell you that exposure to the Word preached and taught, even well above my level at the time, did not return to The Master void. It built in to me the words, concepts, songs, truths and worldview of Zion. Children get sun tans the same as adults when exposed to the sun. So let us expose them regularly to The Son.

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