Blessed Bankruptcy

From Mark 10:23-31 / Blessed Bankruptcy – Anyone who thinks they have anything to bring to the salvation question put themselves in an impossible situation. To have anything to contribute – is to be self-justifying in some way. And when confronted with the idea that it would take everything you have – in truth, no one can give all. For we do not even know all we have, let alone have hearts to abandon it all in order to have Him. Why did this amaze the Disciples? Because those who had earthly goods supposedly bore the mark of those having already having God’s favor. So this was entirely counter-intuitive. If those who appear to already have God’s favor cannot enter the Kingdom – than who can? Only those who recognize the bankruptcy of their own souls and the worthlessness of their good works. Only those who trust Christ alone. The Marines may be looking for a “few good men” as the old ads used to say – but Jesus is looking for men and women starving for a righteousness not their own. Mind-boggling!

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