Amazed and Afraid

From Mark 10:32-34 / Amazed and Afraid – The combination of amazement and fear seem to stem from the events just above – vss. 23-27. Jesus had told them it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than to enter the Kingdom. Despite some modern attempts to soften this, Jesus’ words are clearly meant to imply an impossibility. Those who imagine they can bring anything to the salvation table, ANYTHING, are sadly mistaken. And confronted with that reality, they began to fear. This is recorded in their “Then who can be saved?” If this is the case, what hope remains? Jesus lets them stew in it a while. Then He adds more amazing and fearful things – He predicts His own suffering and resurrection. 2 Things they have no category for yet. But in fact, this is the answer to their question: He must suffer, He must die, and He must be raised again – THAT is how one can enter the Kingdom. He alone is the door. He must die for our sin, and be raised for our justification. And so it should amaze us still, and bring a terrorizing fear of depending upon anything but His person and work.

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