Never too…

From Mark 10:46-52 / Never Too… – Several things make this account remarkable: 1 – Jesus was on His way out of town, He was set to leave. 2 – His disciples were with Him, commanding His attention. 3 – Jesus was surrounded by a a great crowd. 4 – Bartimaeus was just sitting by the roadside, he had no capacity to follow as a blind man. 5 – He simply cried out. 6 – He continued to cry out even when rebuked by the crowd. 7 – And Jesus heard and responded. What a great impetus to prayer this is. No matter your situation, or the supposed clamour around our Savior – when we cry, He hears. He is never too busy. Never too distracted. Never put off by our brokenness. Never needing us to be able to get to Him. And never too powerless to meet our deepest need – to have our eyes opened to the wonder and glory of His majesty, and His saving grace. If you know your need today – cry out. No other qualification is necessary. Our God hears.

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