From Mark 11:1-10 / Hosanna – Hosanna is not a word most of us are familiar with outside the Gospels. The expression itself is a cry for God to grant help or save, and to grant success to His people. It grows out of the prayer of Ps. 118:25 “Save us we pray, Oh Lord! O Lord we pray, give us success.” In Judaism, it was used regularly in celebrations of all kinds. And most think it was originally used when a King of David’s line would lead God’s people in thanksgiving at various feasts. Just what the crowds meant by using it here as Jesus enters Jerusalem is not easy to tell. Did they hope He would free them from Roman oppression? Restore the Kingdom of Israel to a completely independent state? Regardless, we see that sometimes, we can speak better than we actually know. And as lacking in true knowledge of what they were saying as they were – nevertheless, their praise is acceptable. We worship in such darkness still. We still know Him oh so slightly. But the longer we walk with Christ, the more we come to realize how glorious and wonderful He truly is. Our worship grows in depth, joy and a holy solemnity. But how gracious is our God that He receives it at our hands, however imperfect it is, and delights in the fruit of our lips. Amazing love!

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