From Mark 11:27-33 / Authority – The issue of Jesus’ authority comes up over and over in the Gospels. In Mark 1, the people noted that He taught with authority, not like the scribes. Again in 1, His authority was seen in commanding evil spirits to leave. In 2, He said He had authority to forgive sins. Then in 3 and 6 His authority is again mentioned in reference to demonic powers – and delegated that same authority to the 12. In 10, he warned the disciples against seeking authority over others – and now, there is a disingenuous inquiry as to what gives Him the right or authority to teach or perform the works He does. And in all this, we come face to face with this base reality: Christians are those who recognize Jesus’ right over all they are, have and do. Christians, submit to the authority of Jesus as their true Lord and master, not just their Savior. And those who will not recognize and submit to His authority – His absolute right to rule over them as Lord – align themselves with the unbelieving regardless of their profession. It is a sobering consideration. But what a privilege is ours to have a Lord and Master who exercises His rights over us, so as to love, protect, preserve and perfect us in His own image. And to promise us with all authority to deliver – the fullness of everlasting life in His Kingdom. All Hail King Jesus!

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