Reality Check

From Mark 12:1-12 / Reality Check – From Jesus’ point of view in this parable we learn:

1. Everything belongs to God. Neither we nor this world belong to us. We are here to fulfill His purposes.

2. He has given mankind every advantage for all that is His to prosper.

3. He has placed all of this into the hands of others who can enjoy the fruit, but are also charged preserve His just due. To honor Him as Creator and God.

4. In due time He sends servants looking for the honor and obedience which is due Him.

5. In all of these visitations, the tenants want to keep it all and not give the Owner what belongs to Him. They want to be the owners themselves. They want personal autonomy from the God who made them, and made them for His own purposes.

6. At last, He sends the Heir. Jesus, The Christ.

7. But they want His inheritance, thinking they can get away with that.

8. But the Owner will have none of it.

9. He will punish.

10. He will make a new arrangement with a new people. Out of the Believing Jews and Gentiles He will make one new man. And they will inherit with The Son.

Where are you in relation to what Jesus taught here?

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